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Weekly Digest (Economics, Finance and Banking) 26 July - 1 August 2016


The pun isn't not only intentional, but directed. Guess it, for I wouldn't finger point, or point fingers as the order supposes. This is the political we are doomed-to, deemed-to affiliate with. Let's roll on. Vampires need to drink blood because they exist in a state of blood debt. Their veins are filled with a sort of negative blood, which never leaves their system - it only ever bleeds inward. Because of this, drinking blood is something of an interest payment - it cancels out the opposite stuff that keeps accumulating inside of them. Without this process of negation, the internal pressure would just continue to build until they implode. Just like you might expect - by the vampire borrowing a second life after death has already claimed them. All they have to do is accept a single drop of the substance from another vampire, and the debt will continue to compound until it fills their corpse. After that point, it’s just a matter of keeping their blood books balanced..…

Weekly Digest (Economics, Finance and Banking) 19 July - 25 July 2016

The world is filled with humans taking positions and refuting positions, using them to seduce, spar, single out, intimidate, repudiate, confirm, etc. Social media makes the phenomenon, in all its futile hand-wringing, quite visible. No one is safe, for...Someone wants to warn the world against the position some other has taken. Someone else wants the other to clarify the position they've taken before things go any further. Someone else wants someone else to prove they have a right to the position they've taken. Someone else wants to establish a common vocabulary so a shared position can be reached. Someone else has a problem with the way someone has phrased a position. Someone else wants to keep reading to get a grasp on all the positions. Someone else is on a hit list mission to eradicate anyone who holds some position. Someone else sees only their own position and acts violently to impose it, even if it's insane or unreasonable. Someone else wants a clever, ironic p…