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Smart Cities, or how embracing it is dumber, but not embarrassing as a strategy?

Will the adjective ‘smart’ become the noun ‘smart’? Though, one thing that needs to be clarified here is the use of ‘smart’ is quite clearly similar to the use of ‘post’ in some theories, where it is not the temporal factor that is accounted for, but, rather an integrative one, a coalition of temporal and spatial aspects. Many a times, intentions such as these are born of necessity, rather than constructed as a need, and the difference is subtle. Smart Cities were conceived precisely because of such rationales, rather than as cahoots of impending neo-colonization conspiracies. There is a urban drift, and this dense diaspora is associated with pollution, resource crunch, dwindling infrastructure resulting in a stagflation of economic growth. So, instead of having kiosks that are decentralised, the idea is to have a control that is central addressing such constraining conditions. With a central control, inputs and outputs find monitoring in-housed through networking solutions. In my opi…

Charter on Transparency

Disclaimer: Forgo the tense here. This is a deliberate style.
It is 20 something of June, 2013, and the leaders of G8 are gathered in Northern Ireland in County Fermanagh to thrash out issues of tax evasion and transparency, both legitimate concerns. 
The Outcome (Apologies, for this sounds more like "The Outbreak"): Investments were made. Investments of trust. Tax evasion was seen in the light of the the willingness to disclose information. OECD was assigned surveillance duties over Corporations in regard to the data that was available and mechanisms put into practice to evade taxes by shifting income from one nation to another. Rules were tightened further, and voice of Corporations and Individuals in unison lamented, "Oh! Claustrophobia, Thy Kingdom Come". 
Leaders signed on to the 'Open Data Charter'. This charter is characterized by five principles, which the signatory countries pledged to apply within the national legal frameworks. These are, Open Data…

Weekly Digest (Economics, Finance and Banking) 7 June - 13 June 2016

Donald Trump seems incapable of believing he could ever have any such a position except that of a monarch of some sort. He has no real understanding of a non–zero-sum engagement. And so the idea of sharing power, or being checked by other branches of government, or even checked by the press seems anathema to him. So, when you have someone with that kind of temperament walking into the constitutional system, you are kind of setting yourself up for a constitutional crisis. 
At least in theory a democracy only works if the people who lose an election concede defeat. Trump has not been a good loser thus far. During the primary he complained that the system was rigged against him and accused Ted Cruz of cheating. He has a history of accusing judges of bias when they don’t rule in his favor. In 2012, after President Obama won re-election, Trump took to Twitter, calling the election a “sham” and urging people to march on Washington revolution to oust him. He deleted those tweets once it becam…

David Stockman: A Milestone For Hillary, A Millstone For The Nation (Video)

David StockmanA Milestone For Hillary, A Millstone For The Nation

We can't stand four more years of "Hill-bama." Foreign policy is a disaster and Hillary was the architect. We're droning, bombing and intervening in Libya, Syria, we're back in Iraq and we never got out of Afghanistan. 
We've tried to destabilize Syria for years, saying that Assad has to go. Who appointed us policemen of the world? It hasn't worked and we've been failing. This was all Hillary's doing and has to be reversed. 
Maybe Donald Trump will do it. At least Trump knows we're bankrupt and we can't afford to be the policemen of the world.

Weekly Digest (Economics, Finance and Banking) 31 May - 6 June 2016

"There are a thousand excuses we could give to other people and ourselves, so I believe that the hardest part of anti- fascism is getting out of bed." – Stephen Rider

Forget C(K)apital… discover a path forward…absorb the image, embrace the consequences of that which has already happened, the fatality of your existence. The Left in embracing the Image of capitalism rather than its effect has contributed to its own illusionary critique; as if in creating the monstrous Image of Capital we’ve built a false simulacrum, an idol we could smash against our critical apparatuses without ever alleviating the real problems which remain in the shadowlands of our planet like so many lost objects. The mirror of capital is broken beyond repair, and we seem bent on putting it back together again book by book – a repetitive act of absolution and absolutizing – rather than crushing its false semblance into oblivion. 
Public Finance Public Accountability Collective (PFPAC) Weekly Digest (31 May -…